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Signs You May Need a New Air Conditioner Installation

Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

With the summer months approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your air conditioning system, preparing your home for those hot temperatures ahead. If you’ve had your air conditioning system for 10 or 15 years, you may need a new replacement. In fact, experts recommend replacing your system with a new one at the 10-year mark, however AC replacement is not always the case - sometimes you just need a tune up - an honest and reliable HVAC service in Gettysburg to get a proper diagnosis. In this article, we’ll go over some of the signs that indicate it’s time for a new air conditioner installation.

Frequent Repairs and Performance

One of the telltale signs that your AC is on its way out is the performance. An air conditioner that stays on and never turns off is an indicator that it is struggling to keep your house cool. You may also notice an increase in air conditioner repair services. AC units that breakdown on a regular basis will end up costing you more money for just repairs. However, investing in a new air conditioning unit will be much cheaper and cost effective in the long run - and headache saving!

The Age of the AC and Energy Savings

With everyday operations, an air conditioner goes through normal wear and tear. As the years go on, the age of the AC unit will begin to affect its ability to cool your home efficiently. Old ACs tend to lose efficiency and effectiveness over time, leaving you with higher energy bills and subpar cooling. If you do notice an increase in your energy bills and that air conditioner repair isn't making a difference, then it’s time for a new air conditioner installation. Rest assured that by going with a new AC, you’ll be able to save money on your monthly electric bills.

The Benefits of Investing in a New Air Conditioner Installation

family enjoying new air conditoner installation in Gettysburg PA

Keep Cool with Peace of Mind

As the hot temperatures begin to arrive where you live, your main goal is to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. By installing a new air conditioning unit, you’ll be able to have the peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for those hot summer temperatures.

Quite AC Operation

Another benefit is that you won’t have to deal with the loud noise that comes with the older AC models.

Smooth Operation

Moreover, a new unit will operate much smoother because newer models will come with updated technology, such as smart features. 

A Trusted Company for all Your AC Installations

air conditoner installation by gettysburg air conditioning repair service

If you’ve decided to install a new air conditioner, you can always count on Air 1 Cooling & Heating in Gettysburg, PA.

We offer quality service at prices that can fit your budget. With years of experience in HVAC our local owner operated HVAC service promises you quality, comfort and speed at a fair price. We simply want to keep you cool.

Contact us for a free estimate on your new air conditioning system installation or to find out if you really need a replacement in the first place.


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