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Gettysburg Air Conditioning service tech repairing AC unit

Enjoy a cool and comfortable summer in Gettysburg with affordable, reliable air conditioning service from Air 1 Cooling & Heating. 

Air Conditioning Service in Gettysburg, PA

Contact your friendly neighborhood AC service company right here in Gettysburg, PA. At Air 1 Cooling & Heating our local HVAC techs are not just skilled in air conditioning installation and repair; we’re your neighbors, dedicated to keeping you cool and comfortable, with a touch of hometown care.

When your AC goes out… don’t let the heat get to you!

Air Conditining service tech standing next to ac company vehicle in Gettysburg
Gettsburg, PA AC services Air 1 Cooling & Heating van

Gettysburg, PA AC Services

From air conditioning installations and upgrades to AC repair and yearly AC service maintenance, Air 1 Cooling & Heating has got your residential and commercial cooling needs covered.

Air conditioner installation by Air 1 Cooling & Heating in Gettysburg, PA

Need a new air conditioner installed? Our HVAC contractors can help. We provide complete AC installation services:

Air Conditioner Installation

Central Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioner Mini Split Installation

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation (units up to 15 tons)


Is your home not cooling properly? We’ll find and correct the problem quickly. Get fast help with any of your air conditioning issues.

AC Service Repair

Electrical or thermostat issues may hinder the AC's initiation, causing discomfort.

AC Not Turning On

Excessive noise indicates potential internal problems, risking breakdown.

Loud AC Unit

Inadequate cooling may result from a malfunctioning compressor or refrigerant leak.

AC Not Cooling Enough

A frozen coil signals reduced airflow, dirty filters, or low refrigerant levels.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Leaks reduce cooling efficiency and pose environmental risks, risking compressor failure.

Refrigerant Leaking

Electric control malfunctions lead to erratic behavior, risking system failure.

Failure in Electric Controls

Sensors cause inaccurate temperature readings, impacting comfort levels.

Sensor Issues

Poor drainage leads to water accumulation, promoting mold growth and system inefficiency.

Drainage Issues

Leakage may indicate a blocked condensate line, causing water damage and compromising humidity removal.

Water Leaking from Indoor AC System

Freezing outside signals potential airflow restrictions or refrigerant issues, risking damage and reduced efficiency.

AC Freezing Outside Unit

Reviews from our happy Gettysburg area customers


"Kevin is patient and persistent while troubleshooting problems. Simply stated, Kevin’s work ethic is 'old school craftsman' combined with a 'modern' state of the art, knowledge base."


"I contacted Kevin when my central air unit flooded my basement. Within half an hour of my call, he arrived and swiftly diagnosed the issue. Not only did he repair the problem, but he also serviced the entire unit, ensuring its flawless operation."

rheem air conditioning service provider
Trane air conditioning service provider
RUUD air conditioning service provider

We also have relationships with the following brands:

Our Air Conditioning Techs can work with all AC system brands.

When quality service matters, and you need to get cool now, Air 1 Cooling & Heating is here for you: Contact Us

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