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Heatign repair service tech in Gettysbug, PA

Enjoy a warm and cozy winter in Gettysburg with affordable, reliable heating repair and installation services from Air 1 Cooling & Heating.

Heating Repair Service in Gettysburg, PA

Luckily your friendly neighborhood heating company right here in Gettysburg, PA is here to help! At Air 1 Cooling & Heating our local HVAC techs are not just skilled in efficient heating installation and repair; we’re your neighbors, dedicated to keeping your space warm with a touch of hometown care. 

When your heating goes out, your family and home are at serious risk.

Air 1 Cooling & Heating repair service van
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Gettysburg, PA Heating System Services

From heating system installations and upgrades to heating repair and yearly maintenance services, Air 1 Cooling & Heating has got your residential and commercial heating needs covered.

Heating system installation by Air 1 Cooling & Heating in Gettysburg, PA

Need a new complete heating furnace system installed? Our HVAC contractors can help. We provide heating installation services for the following heating system types:

Heating System Installation

Gas Heating Installation

Electric Heating Installation

Heat Pump Installation

* please note, we do not work on oil systems.


Leakage may indicate a blocked line, causing water damage and compromising humidity removal.

Water Leaking from Indoor Furnace

Lack of heat with a functioning pilot light may indicate thermostat, gas, or power issues.

No Heat

Dirty air filters hinder proper air circulation. Factors like filter type, pet presence, occupancy, and local pollution affect filter clogging.

Clogged Air Filters

A clogged filter or an undersized heater may result in insufficient warmth.

Not Enough Heat

Overuse, especially in winter, may cause heaters to malfunction. Regular maintenance is key, especially for older systems.

Wear & Tear from Daily Use

Frequent cycling may indicate thermostat problems or issues like clogged filters.

Frequent Cycling

A broken thermostat can lead to a faulty fan and comfort issues. Professional assistance is usually required for replacement.

Broken Thermostat

Unusual rattles or squeaks could signal mechanical problems, reduced airflow, or clogged burners.

Loud System

In gas heaters, a malfunctioning pilot light affects heat production. Issues with the ignition control can also lead to a lack of heat.

Faulty Ignition Control or Pilot Light

Continuous blower operation suggests a broken or faulty limit switch.

Blower Won’t Shut Off

Get your heat back up and running fast! Air 1 provides a variety of heating repair services, including these common problems:

Heating Repair & Maintenance

Reviews from our happy Gettysburg area customers


"Kevin is patient and persistent while troubleshooting problems. Simply stated, Kevin’s work ethic is 'old school craftsman' combined with a 'modern' state of the art, knowledge base."


"I contacted Kevin when my central air unit flooded my basement. Within half an hour of my call, he arrived and swiftly diagnosed the issue. Not only did he repair the problem, but he also serviced the entire unit, ensuring its flawless operation."

Rheem furnace repair
trane heating service repair
ruud heating service repair

We also have relationships with the following brands:

Our Heating Contractors can work with most heating system brands.

When quality service matters, and you need to get warm now, Air 1 Cooling & Heating is here for you: Contact Us

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